Sallie’s Story

In the Spring of 2012 I noticed pain and a lump on my right wrist. One of the many benefits of working for a large corporation is that I was in front of a rheumatologist, with a diagnosis, a systemic cortisone injection and a prescription for methotrexate before I could blink an eyelid. A harsh, cold, lonely and painful winter followed, but seeing a pain specialist helped a great deal. Work and family has kept me motivated and my hands see me through it all. One one of my great joys is to spend time with my grandchildren whenever I can (not often enough). Even though my hands hurt with inflammation, they can still plait the girl’s hair, play games, hold bags when we go shopping, or push the children on swings at the park. In the early days and when the odd flare happens, my grandchildren seem to sense my heightened fatigue and are particularly gentle with me. They love to climb all over me when I am in bed but have learned to back off when they hear me wince. A kiss, cuddle or a smile from them will make any pain seem less. When I am pushing myself a little too hard, I make sure I have a holiday planned that will recharge the batteries. Some of the best have been those swimming in our pool in Spain, my hands gliding through the blue water in the brilliant sunshine, listening to the laughter of my grandchildren. Sun, gentle exercise and grandchildren, what a wonderful combination!

Sallie is 52 and lives in the UK/ She has lived with rheumatoid arthritis for 3 years. Sallie has two daughters and four grandchildren and works in the financial services industry. She relaxes by singing with a Rock Choir and spending time with friends and family.