To celebrate our third anniversary, Show Us Your Hands! is proud to present our new website at and the new, revised edition of the Our Hands Can photo book, now available on Amazon. These represent a new direction for the organization, one that respects our history while branching out onto an exciting path to unite the inflammatory arthritis community and raise awareness about these serious diseases.

Our new flagship initiative Our Hands Can emphasizes storytelling using both text and visual media. Our Hands Can aims to inspire people living with inflammatory arthritis to share stories of what their hands can do on the new Show Us Your Hands! website, helping us fulfill our mission of bringing hope to the community, one hand at the time.

Our Hands Can Photo Book

Our groundbreaking photo book, Our Hands Can, now has more stories and a new look! Our Hands Can is an innovative awareness campaign that shows the passion and capability of people living with inflammatory arthritis. We are very thankful to all the people who worked with us to share their stories in this book. We are committed to ensuring that members of our community will be able to share copies of this book with their family, friends, and perhaps even colleagues and health care providers. We have made it available on Amazon at a very affordable price, to reach a wider audience.

Note: As we continue to refresh and re-align our mission and awareness campaigns, it became necessary to remove the photobook temporarily for some further development in line with our new direction. Rest assured that it will be back, better than ever!

New Website

Show Us Your Hands! has relocated our website to a new domain at and the site has undergone a major redesign. The new look and feel is more streamlined and easier to navigate, helping you find what you need, when you need it.

New features on the website reflects our expansion into storytelling, with new areas on the Our Hands Can initiative. Under the Our Hands Can tab, you’ll be able to see beautiful photos accompanied by inspiring stories of the strength, joy, and pride experienced by people who live with inflammatory arthritis. In this area, you will also be able to share your own stories.

Read about our vision for people living with inflammatory arthritis and learn about the Our Hands Can initiative under the ‘About’ tab. This is also where you can read more about our Picture Project on social media. Every month, members of our community post photos of their hands doing something related to the monthly theme. You can look back at themes from past months and see some of the submissions in our Blog area.  We want to thank members of the community who are authors and crafts people for donating the monthly prizes. For your chance to win, submit your own pictures on our Facebook page or through Twitter! Remember to tag us with @showusyourhands.

The Community Collage is very much still alive and new photos of hands are being added to frequently, showing the depth and breadth of this wonderful community of ours. Our first initiative, the Community Collage resonated deeply in the inflammatory arthritis community as it shows the strength, variety and unity of our arthritis community.

We’d love to hear from you. On our website, you can get involved by signing up to our newsletter, submit pictures of your hands, and share your thoughts in comments on our blog posts. You can also send us a message on Facebook or Twitter. Please use the form on the Contact Us section of the new website at or email us at infoATsuyhDOTorg.

We want to thank the community for support you have shown us over the last three years and for your continued engagement with us on social media. Together, we will unite and inspire the inflammatory arthritis community and raise awareness on a global level!