We were thrilled to appear in The Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance’s Spring newsletter and to be featured as part of their list of arthritis organizations. Making connections with other grassroots and non-profit organizations is an important part of making the Show Us Your Hands! mission a reality. Naturally, we wanted to reciprocate. CAPA appears in our Information & Resources area and they have prepared a post for us with more details about what they do.


Patient engagement. Patient empowerment. You’ve heard about these terms but maybe aren’t quite sure what they really mean. The Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance (CAPA) is patient involvement at its best. Our Board of Directors is made up of people living with arthritis. We have endured the disease and its many facets, often for the greater part of our lives.

Patients are at the centre of our operations, CAPA believes the first expert on arthritis is the individual who has the disease and their perspective is unique. We are a grass-roots, patient-driven, independent, national organization with members across Canada and supporters both Canadian and International. We assist members to become advocates not only for themselves but all people with arthritis.

Our first-hand knowledge leads us to advocate on behalf of people living with arthritis in many forums. We collaborate on research projects, are members on expert advisory committees and frequently present at conferences. We advocate to government on issues of importance to people living with the disease.

Learn more about CAPA by visiting our website and Facebook page. Sign up as a member and you can keep up to date on latest in arthritis advocacy through our quarterly newsletter.